About SMC

What is The Social Media Center?

The Social Media Center is a one-stop shop full of resources to help you take your social media marketing to the next level. This site includes over 250 content ideas, dozens of customizable templates, video trainings and more! To make things better, it’s a free and growing resource. Come back often to take advantage of the new templates and trainings. 

Why was The Social Media Center created?

The Social Media Center was created to help small businesses pivot their marketing for 2020 and beyond. As more and more people spend countless hours online, it is important for every business to increase their digital presence and build an online following. Businesses that do this will be able to take advantage of the growing opportunities online and avoid the pitfalls of not embracing our modern world. 

Who created this?

The Social Media Center was created by Justin Klingler.

Who is Justin Klingler?

Justin Klingler is a sales district leader for one of the company’s best performing districts at American Family Insurance, founder of Money Maker Media – a digital marketing agency, and a certified personal trainer. He is based in the beautiful state of Washington, USA with his amazing family.

Justin started his insurance career by working as a sales specialist for an agent, then became an agent himself, then a consultant for agents and now a district leader. His positions with the company took him from Idaho, to North Dakota, to Georgia and, most recently, to Washington. As an agent, his team averaged between 15 to 20 new sales per month from their social media marketing activities.

Justin has worked with hundreds of small businesses. He understands that owners are always looking for exciting and effective ways to grow their businesses. As a business owner himself, he deeply understands and cares for their success. His desire to see others thrive and his passion for digital marketing are what inspired this resource.