Anytime Ideas

Here are 80+ content ideas that you can use any time during the year.

Have fun with these anytime ideas:

  • Give a tour of your office
  • Share a “Get to Know the Owner” video
  • Share a “Get to know the Staff” video
  • Record and share customer testimonial videos
  • Introduce new team members
  • Thank your customers
  • Welcome new customers to your business
  • Share your favorite places in town
  • You favorite restaurants
  • Your favorite parks
  • Your favorite locally-owned shops
  • Your favorite family spots
  • Etc.
  • Share your story as to why you decided to start your business
  • Share something about you that we don’t know
  • Include team members
  • Highlight your team’s service in the community
  • Celebrate holidays
  • Do sweepstakes for your followers
  • Give shoutouts to local people
  • Share team member birthdays
  • Share important community information
  • Share an interesting fact about your industry
  • Answer frequently asked questions
  • Talk about your mentors
  • Talk about new discounts or offers
  • Let your followers know when you’re hiring
  • Share your employees’ recognition and awards
  • Thank your employees
  • Share Behind the Scenes footage
  • Promote local events
  • Feature a Student of the Month
  • Feature a local Athlete of the Month
  • Share something unique about your product
  • Do a video highlighting a customer using your product
  • Share funny and appropriate memes
  • Engage in trending topics in your community
  • Share photos of you with local business owners and you supporting local small business
  • Share office remodel photos
  • Share a post-event summary
  • Interview local experts or high-profile individuals
  • Showcase your app
  • Showcase your website
  • Share a clean and funny joke
  • Introduce team members’ pets
  • Share your favorite things:
    • Movies
    • Music
    • Books
    • Etc
  • Partner with a local business to offer your followers a discount or deal
  • Share your bucket list
  • Share a failure story
  • Share a success story
  • Share news of your earned awards and recognition
  • Share your community involvement
  • Introduce new team members’ babies
  • Do Motivational Mondays
  • Do Tip Tuesdays
  • Do Wednesday “Fan of the Week”
  • Do Throwback Thursdays
    • When you first started your business
    • When you achieved a milestone
    • Fun past family photos
    • Etc.
  • Do Fun Fridays
  • Share a powerful quote
  • Comment on a local news story
  • Share an advertisement
  • Hold and share photos from a customer appreciation event
  • Share a charity that you’ve partnered with
  • Share photos from company events
  • Share photos from holiday parties
  • Post a fill-in-the-blank
  • Share something funny
  • Share someone else’s content
  • Share something inspiring
  • Highlight a Customer of the Month
  • Share an attention-grabbing statistic
  • Ask your followers a multiple choice question
  • Cross-promote your social media channels
  • Share a business lesson you’ve learned
  • Run a caption contest
  • Share a photo of you at lunch with someone from your community
  • Share something you are passionate about
  • Share a seasonal snapshot of your community
  • Share a family recipe
  • Talk about things that you are grateful for
  • Share an updated team photo
  • Share a positive review of another local business
  • Share helpful tools or resources
  • Ask for people’s opinions on local topics
  • Remind people of what products you sell

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