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8.5 Reasons Why You Should Do Social Media Marketing

The best question to ask yourself before doing anything new is “Why?” In this video we review my 8.5 reasons for why you should do social media marketing for your business.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Knowing what to do and not do is very important when marketing on social media. One small slip up could have a huge effect on your business. One viral video could positively impact your world!

In this video, we review some of the most important do’s and don’ts.

How to Use to Customize the Templates

In this video we review how you can use the incredible design software,, to customize the templates from The Social Media Center.

*Please note that you need to have a pro account with in order to customize these templates.

How to Best Plan & Publish Your Content

In this video we review how you can best plan and publish your content. We take time to discuss how you should set aside time to do a monthly planning session, discuss content strategy and utilize the Planning Document to increase efficiency and effectiveness. 

How to Create Engaging Content

Learn why some posts are engaging and why some are not. You’re bound to get some good ideas on how you can make your posts more engaging with this video.

Design Principles for Social Media Content

Not every post is created equal. Some are well designed and others are… not so much.

In this video, we review several key design concepts to help your content look great and pop off of the screen.

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